GRAVENHURST - Nick Talbot verstorben


Nick Talbot von GRAVENHURST ist im Alter von nur 37 Jahren unerwartet verstorben. Bislang sind keine Details bekannt, in den Statements des Labels und Managements heisst es:

"We are shocked and saddened to share the news that Nick Talbot aka Gravenhurst has passed away aged 37. An immensely talented singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer and journalist, he will be hugely missed. Nick's family and friends request privacy at this difficult time.
Warp Records"

"I am utterly devastated to confirm that Nick Talbot, also known under the performing name Gravenhurst, has passed away aged 37. The finest, most extraordinary and inspirational songwriter, singer and performer, and a remarkable producer and journalist, Nick's work has deeply affected so many people all over the world. Outstandingly intelligent, compassionate, fascinating and witty, Nick was the dearest friend and his absence brings indescribable sorrow.
Michelle Hilborne, Manager"