GWAR sagen Tour ab!


GWAR haben die für Januar 2012 geplante Tour abgesagt. Das Statement der Band gibt es nachfolgend:

"Ticket sales were slow so promoters started pulling the plug on shows. Finally we had so many blow-outs that we had no choice but to cancel the whole thing.

We can't afford to pay to play Europe; after all, we aren't fucking tourists! But we are extremely disappointed this happened and very sorry for our fans over there, especially in light of recent events. I know everybody over there wanted to say goodbye to [late GWAR guitarist] Flattus [Maximus, a.k.a. Cory Smoot] in a way that only a GWAR show could provide, and we were really looking forward to sharing that with you guys.

Hopefully all tickets will be refunded (please let us know if they are not).

Again, we are really sorry this happened, but there was nothing we could do.