Gesucht REJUVENATE/NO TURNING BACK shows in Deutschland


REJUVENATE(NYC) werden in September eine Eurotour machen. Supportband ist NO TURNING BACK. Ich suche noch 2 Shows in Deutschland. Jemand der interesse hat, bitte email an:

Band infos:

Rejuvenate's history begins in early 1991 after Trip 6 broke up and Tommy Rat(who was the original singer for Warzone, and an ex member of the Psychos) toyed with a couple of projects that didn't go anywhere. His old buddy from the Psychos & Trip 6, Stu Psychos got out of jail and wanted to play again. Tommy had a bass player from a previous project named Ricky that joined up. One day Tommy ran into an old friend from back in the squatter days named Jerry Smiley he offered his services on drums. After toying with a few names the name Rejuvenate was settled on. The band never claimed to be anything but a straight up hardcore band which was playing the old school style. Rejuvenate were just 4 friends looking for something to do besides hanging out on street corners or in bars. Rejuvenate is back playing their style of NYHC, but will be opened to working with new ideas and coming up with topics other hardcore bands rarely talk about in their lyrics. If a record deal comes along for a new album and it's not by some slacker record label. You will see a new Rejuvenate album in the future.. Everybody has lives outside of the band. But one thing that still remains the same is the hardcore is the blood running thru their veins.

No Turning Back started out back in 1997 playing heavy old style hardcore with punching breakdowns. After two and a half years, playing shows and a demo CD they released their first official release "The Beautiful Lies". This EP got things going for No Turning Back and whilst still improving their stage-appearance, their name became well known in the Netherlands. 2001 passed on and NTB started to expand their territory and played in
several European countries. On their self-owned label BUST! Records they released a second mini CD called "The Horrible Truth". Around that time the band and GSR decided to join forces and a full-length CD was the next project. After the release of "Revenge is a Right" in Spring 2003, they
played numerous shows, touring Europe and dropping their name in as much places as possible. In the meantime the band teamed up with Belgium's The Deal for a split EP, which has been released on Reflections Records as MCD and on vinyl by Not Just Words Records in September 2003.Their 2nd full length on GSR "Damage Done", produced by Tue Madsen at the Antfarm Studio in Denmark, has been released in Spring 2004. This record with 14 new songs full of straight up, pissed off hardcore represents the band’s notorious stage appearance and live energy. "Damage Done" is the album which catapults No Turning Back to a higher level with it’s bone crushing breakdowns, grooving fast parts and remorseless vocals. “Damage Done” has just recently been released on vinyl by Anger Management Records.