HACKTIVIST - Video zu "Outside The Box"


HACKTIVIST stellen ein Videoclip zur Single 'No Way Back' vor. Der Track entstammt dem aktuellen Album "Outside The Box", welches via UNFD erhschienen ist. Anbei ist der Clip zu sehen.

Die Band zur Single:

"No Way Back is a reaction to the sad state of affairs we find ourselves in today. The general population are realising we have created a corrupt and non-sustainable society of inequality, overconsumption and misinformation, but are too familiar with the status quo to unite and influence change towards a solution.
Most of us are content with being sold ideals of distraction and instant gratification. We acknowledge that there is a broken system, but will quickly dismiss hideous revelations or opportunities for progression because "it's always been that way". 
If we keep clinging to this mentality, there will be no way back.
When creating the video for the track, I wanted to capture some of these comfortable ideals, contrasting with the dark and unnerving serving of reality that people like ourselves try to project out to those who are paying attention.
Once you acknowledge the truth, would you choose the path of struggle towards change? Or would you take the path of least resistance, and keep your eyes closed to the world crumbling around you?"