HATEBREED: \"Supremacy\" Album Details


HATEBREED haben die Tracklist zum neuen Album "Supremacy" bekanntgegeben, dass am 29. August via Roadrunner erscheint.

Hier das Artwork
01. Defeatist
02. Horrors of Self
03. Mind Over All
04. To The Threshold
05. Give Wings To My Triumph
06. Destroy Everything
07. Divine Judgement
08. Immortal Enemies
09. The Most Truth
10. Never Let It Die
11. Spitting Venom
12. As Diehard as They Come
13. Supremacy of Self

Kürzlich hat sich HATEBREED Sänger Jamey Jasta folgendermaßen in einem Interview zur neuen Musik der Band geäußert: "If I don't get a surge of adrenaline or my hair doesn't stand up from a song, we simply won't use it. I listened to 10 new songs on the way here today and I was smashing my steering wheel the whole way. The music has to do that — it has to speak to me like the records I love."

Gitarrist Sean Martin fügte folgendes hinzu: "I get insulted by artists who say, 'We need to grow up now,' and then change their formula. HATEBREED should be HATEBREED. I don't feel stifled by it. I reach outside of the box with other projects [Martin is actually very interested in electronic-based music] and stay inside with HATEBREED. It's good because it keeps me fresh for these guys."

Hier das Artwork: