HATEBREED planen die Weltherrschaft


Hatebreed Frontmann Jamey Jasta hat folgendes Update herausgegeben:

"Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for a great year. 2007 is looking to be an amazing one for us as well. We are ready to start announcing our world tour plans this month.

As most of you know we are going to Australia in February and March and after that the rest of the world will follow. We have plans to finally return to Ireland, the smaller cities in the U.K., Greece, Spain, Portugal and many more places we have not been to in a long time as well as places we have never been before like Alaska, Iceland, South Africa, Isreal and other countries.

Thanks for your continued belief in what we do! You are the most dedicated, supportive and amazing fans a band could possibly have! You are as diehard as they come!!!"

Hatebreed touren weiterhin durch die Weltgeschichte um ihr letztes Album "Supremacy"zu promoten.

Ihr könnt Euch das aktuelle Video zu “Defeatist” hier anschauen. Der Clip wurde am 31. Juli in Naugatuck, Connecticut in einer verlassenen Fabrik gedreht, welche auch für die Schlussszene in dem Steven-Spielberg-Film “War of the Worlds” herhielt. Regisseur für das Video war Dale "Rage" Resteghini, der auch schon mit Trivium, Madball und Shadows Fall zusammengearbeitet hat.