HATESPHERE - Sänger geht


HATESPHERE stehen von nun an ohne ihren charismatischen Sänger Jacob Bredahl dar, der angekündigt hat die Band zu verlassen. Die Band wird zusammen noch eine handvoll Gigs spielen, bevor dann ein neuer Sänger gesucht wird. Hier das Statement der Band:

"As a result of personal issues, HateSphere and vocalist Jacob Bredahl have parted ways. This has been in the air for a little while now and is without doubt, the best decision for the band. Having to tour with a person who's not able to give it one hundred percent in the future and vice versa is pointless. We'd like to thank Jacob for 10 years of hard work and good times, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavours! This may come as a shock for many of you but we can only emphasize that HateSphere will continue and are already in the midst of auditioning new singers. In effect of this and some unanticipated, economical circumstances, we have been forced to cancel our upcoming European tour with Dimmu Borgir and Amon Amarth. We are very sorry for that but have seen no other solution, as it would be too difficult to find a new singer in only ten days. The gigs we have after the tour will not be affected by this, and we promise you all to come back soon and make it up to you. Jacob and Pepe have always been a part of what is called HateSphere, so no question that this is also weird for the rest of the band. As you probably know, Pepe has always been writing practically all the music, so as far as that matter goes, it shouldn't mean that much. Also, the song writing for the next album is about to start and we are looking forward to work together as a new and revitalized group. We know all you fans will have tons of questions but what's been said here explains everything, so please refrain from asking questions regarding this subject. Jacob left on amicable terms and we are simply moving on. We realize this has to be weird for you guys, to see almost the entire band being replaced just within three months, but there's no other way and we have so much more music in us, so why stop now? Hopefully you will respect our decisions and support us in the future – We are still here and will be back sooner than you think, to kick you in the ass! See you all on the road soon! Cheers, HateSphere"

Alte Kommentare

von MUnkvayne 18.09.2007 15:16

der vierte abgang in 2 monaten! das wars!

von man... 18.09.2007 15:30

...ich glaub, das ist wohl das beschissenste was einer Band passieren kann. Den Job wird wohl niemand so gut hinbekommen!

von tobe 18.09.2007 16:16

tja, für mich sind das mal vorerst nicht mehr hatesphere, das muss mal gesagt werden. ich lass mich aber gern von gutem neuen material / sänger zurück ins boot holen...

von Ollo 19.09.2007 11:23

Jacob Bredahl war Hatesphere. RIP. vllt in 10 jahren kann ich denen wieder was abgewinnen.