HATE ETERNAL veröffentlichen ersten Song von 'Phoenix Amongst the Ashes'


Die erste HATE ETERNAL Single von "Phoenix Amongst the Ashes - Haunting Abound" steht ab sofort auf der bandeigenen Landing Page unter folgendem LINK bereit.

Erik Rutan über besagten Song: "Haunting Abound is a song that we feel carries the intensity and the vibe of traditional HATE ETERNAL, yet explores new territory with a certain heaviness that has never been presented before in a HATE ETERNAL song. Infusing more dynamics and expanding our sound whilst retaining the integrity and ferocity that fans expect from us. This is only a small taste of things to come upon listening to Phoenix Amongst The Ashes."

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von Mulder 29.03.2011 19:39

Der pure Abriss und ein genialer Endpart!