HAVE HEART - Infos zur finalen Show


Her we go:

First off, to clear any confusion, if you want a ticket, go to B9STORE.COM to purchase a ticket online. It has NOT sold out, but if you're traveling from far away, do yourself a favor and just do it up online.

Secondly, this little Edge Day / Final show of ours will be held at CLUB LIDO in REVERE, MA. To those of you unfamiliar with the Boston area, REVERE is the town over from Boston. It is LESS THAN TEN MINUTES away from the Boston Airport commonly known as Logan Airport. There is even a train that will take you from the Airport and literally drop you off AT the venue.

Third, there will be NO BARRIER on the stage at this show, so don't sweat that. To those of you who went to the recent GAHC, the show will take place on the smaller stage that DOES NOT require a barrier. It's a perfect stage for dives....think CBGB's stage height.

So, stage dives are more than encouraged at this show. The stage is yours as much as it is the bands' that are playing. Although, stage potatos will be immediately handed their dishonorable discharge from the hardcore scene upon stage potato-ing it up.

To further avoid there being 900,000 photographers, there's going to be 'photo-pass' rule which basically says that if your name isn't either Todd Pollock, Future-Breed, The Rev, Matt Miller, Christian Cruz or anyone else we'd like to take photos for the show, then you may have to sit this one out. Don't take offense to that, but theres just something about photographers replacing stage divers that is offputting.

So, if there are anymore questions or concerns, please email patrickflynnx@aol.com or the powers that be at Bridge 9. And again, if you're looking for a ticket before you come out, go to B9STORE.COM

thanks again. hope to see you there. peace.
patrick flynn

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von olivier // allschools 26.09.2009 19:22

Der Typ weiß, worauf's ankommt...

von mo 26.09.2009 19:27


von rolando 26.09.2009 19:48

weil ich kein urlaub bekomme kann ich net hin :(

von fu 26.09.2009 19:49

dachte erst es geht um u2.

von @rolando 26.09.2009 19:49

hast schon flugticket gekauft? wenn ja kannst mir des ja geben ;)

von marian 26.09.2009 19:59

wunderbare regel mit den Photoleuten

von BeN 16.10.2009 13:17

falls hier jemand lust hat, nen schönen hoodie zu kaufen, bitteschön: http://cgi.ebay.de/HAVE-HEART-Armed-with-a-Mind-Hoodie-Groesse-M-Hardcore_W0QQitemZ290360387544QQcmdZViewItemQQptZFanartikel_Textilien?hash=item439ad3e7d8 bei fragen: melden!

von The Grotesque 16.10.2009 13:35

@BeN: leider nicht, größe m passte mir in der 4. klasse. aber mal davon abgesehen sind wir hier doch nicht auf QVC, oder??

von doooch 16.10.2009 13:39

ranhalten! sind nur noch 2 da! und wenn sie jetzt anrufen erhalten sie noch einen stainless steel messerset gratis dazu!

von BeN 16.10.2009 15:42

wollt euch doch mal was gutes tun, jetzt wo es kalt wird. vielleicht spend ich ihn sonst irgend ner tafel, die ja eigentlich abgeschafft gehören. @ the grotesque: fällt groß aus, du passt rein. wenn nicht, schenkst du ihn der mutti zu weihnachten.