HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS - 15 Songs fertig


HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS haben in ihrem Blog verkündet, dass man bereits 15 Songs für den Nachfolger zu "If Only You Were Lonely" geschrieben haben. Aber lest selbst:

"As many of you have probably already noticed, our website has been down for the last couple of days. This has no significant meaning, we have neither broken up or been hacked as I'm sure is to some people's dismay. I've been in NJ this last week celebrating the holiday with my family and have been away from an internet connection, hence no way to fix the situation with our website and no means of telling you all to have a happy holiday! So, Happy Belated Holidays...but I guess its not truely belated until after the New Year. Regardless, we hope everyone had a great Holiday season this year! 2006 was a very trying year for us filled with great highs and even greater lows. You (our amazing fans) have been our support system through out this whole lawsuit ordeal and without you we could not have mentally made it to where we are. Even though its not over yet, we're excited about the possibilities of the near future. Our recent time off has re-charged our batteries and filled us with a new sense of empowerment. We have over 15 new songs written and more on the way. This new album will be a fresh start for us in many ways, but I've said too much! Have a Happy New Year! We'll see you all in 2007!!!!!