HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS feuern Booker und Manager



HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS sorgen mal wieder für Schlagzeilen. Die Band, die derzeit vor allem wegen ihres Rechtsstreits mit Vicotry Records in aller Munde ist, hat verkündet das sie ihren Manager John Germanario und Booker Jeremy Holgerson gefeuert hat. Hier das Statement:

""Don't believe the hype, especially from HITS Daily Double (the only "news" site that didn't pick up our story on us suing Victory, because Tony is a paying advertiser, but did pick up Tony's countersuit). The decision to terminate our agreement with our booking agent and management was purely ours and not due to poor legal counsel as HITS and Tony would have you believe. We made the decision because we want a fresh start in every sense of the word. New label, new management, new booking, new record and more. When a football team fires the head coach, all support staff are let go as well. Same idea applies to us. Our lawyer, Dan Friedman has been the ONLY person that I've met in this entire industry filled with scumbags that I would trust. All this is, is just the most recent tactic of Tony Brummel's to hurt us in the eyes of the industry. If he can't have us, no one will I guess. That's mature. Eron"