HEAVEN SHALL BURN haben sich gerade in die RAPE OF HARMONIES STUDIOS begeben. Hier die ersten Eindrücke von der Band:

"hi folks,
two days ago we entered the RAPE OF HARMONIES STUDIOS to start working on our upcoming record. the drum tracks for 6 tracks are done and we'll finish the rest within the next days. until now we're totally satisfied with the way, things turned out. here you'll get some images. stay tuned for more within the next days and weeks.

Alte Kommentare

von puta 16.08.2007 11:27

das album wird bestimmt grandios!

von moni 16.08.2007 11:47

jep... bin absolut gespannt.

von MUnkvayne 16.08.2007 11:49

soll im februar erscheinen!

von pepp 16.08.2007 13:34

dat wird der hammer..!!

von metalfan 16.08.2007 14:36

find ich cool, dass hsb schon am naechsten album feilen. hoffentlich wieder mit bonus-dvd. die fand ich geil. und dtop war der hammer.

von MUnkvayne 16.08.2007 14:58

hi folks, news from the studio: the drums are finished and after the last beat it was about time to celebrate and to pay tribute to jah! this sunday we'll start to lay down the guitar tracks for the album. from next thursday we'll take some days off from the studio to tour japan. we can't wait to return to nippon!!! hope to see some of you guys there! stay tuned for more updates within the next days! HSB