HELL WITHIN - Album Update


HELL WITHIN haben folgendes zum anstehenden Album "Shadows Of Vanity" verkündet:

"The new HELL WITHIN album, 'Shadows of Vanity', is done being recorded and mixed. We can't wait for everyone to hear it. The album sounds amazing and we are very proud of it. Now all that's left is for it to be mastered. That will be done by the beginning of February and the artwork will be done in February as well. We're shooting for a mid May release for the album, so in May get to the stores and buy it!

The other thing we have going on is a tour with our good friends THE AUTUMN OFFERING and our soon-to-be-friends AUTUMN BLACK. The tour will start March 1 and take us until the end of the month. It will cover the East Coast and go over to Texas then up the middle of the country. Everyone get your asses out to see us when we rape and pillage your town."