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We just want let you know, that HOODS UP as you know it is going to break up! Our last shows will be on:

15th February - Barcelona / Fire And Ice Fest
(w/ Justice, Black Friday 29, Cinder, Loud & Clear..)

08th March - Antwerp / Justice Farewell Show
(w/ Justice, True Colors, Blacklisted, Dirty Money, Seed Of Pain)

14th March - Moers / Break The Chains Fest 3
(w/ True Colors, Losing Streak, Out Come The Wolves, Sirens..)

15th March - Rosswein / Last Show
(w/ True Colors, Something Inside, Losing Streak, Alone, Broken Distance)

We don’t play anymore shows than the ones above. Expect a setlist containing songs like SEARCH FOR LIGHT and BEST OF TIMES - gonna be some fun!

For the future there will be some kind of follow up band called REFLECTION & CHANGE"

Alte Kommentare

von christian 07.02.2008 21:01

...wen interessiert's? eine Cover-Band weniger :-)

von pain 08.02.2008 11:05

schade drum!

von neverbackdown 23.12.2010 13:52

beste band meiner meinung nach die deutschland kommt/kam

von Waaarum 23.12.2010 14:42

spielen die immer alle in Rosswein ?!

von m 23.12.2010 14:52

das wüsste ich auch gern

von Da gibt's 'ne 23.12.2010 19:21

Hardcore-Hippiekommune wo die alle wohnen.