HORSE THE BAND - Trennen sich von Drummer


HORSE THE BAND haben sich von Drummer Chris Prophet getrennt. Auf der anstehenden Tour wird Jon Karel von THE NUMBER TWELVE LOOKS LIKE YOU hinter den Kesseln sitzen. Anbei das Statement der Band:

"We are pleased to announce that Christopher Lyle Prophet has left HORSE the band and has given a statement to the press outside of his West Hills home this morning, saying the decision to leave came after two other decisions were made up in his mind; the decision to 'pursue other interests' and also the decision to have 'cereal for breakfast.' Ironically, replacing Mr. Prophet on this tour exclusively will be Mr. Jon Karel, drummer of the Number 12 Looks Like You. We have released this statement to the press: 'Mr. Karel is probably like one of the top 10 drummers who has ever lived. It is thus fitting that he should now choose to play with HORSE the band. We are very grateful to him for agreeing to go on the hellish nightmare experience of seeing the world for free with us. We wish Mr. Prophet future endeavors, in general.'"