HORSE THE BAND mit neuem Drummer


HORSE THE BAND haben einen neuen Drummer im Team. Hier das Statement:

"I guess the word is out now that Eli N. Green is no longer a member of HORSE the band. Its o.k.

Horse the band had already located and trained a new drummer who is soo good he learned all of our songs in two days. Yes we will be playing all our upcomming shows. Yes we are still amazing.

Yes we are even better now.

...and yes I want to say somthing funny about Eli but thats just really bad form so I wont descend to that level. I will be semi-holding my semi-annual celebration of dead white babys at my house this weekend. Everyone is invited that knows the secret truth about my identity and dwelling. I will be serving pasta.

Also......we are fucking playing a fucking show with fucking Mastadon and fucking Converge. I thought I'd just throw that out there. oh, and also...... come to our shows on this tour with either a cowboy hat on or a superhero cape on. Theres gold in it for you. Since I've officially taken over this myspace thing i'm going to send you guys random words and facts at irregular intervals just so you feel closer to me.

Thats out.

Face the Stars of the Abyss,
Glorious Syntax


PIZZA ep in stores SEPT 5th
THATS NEXT TUESDAY BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eAT That OnE!!!!"

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von schlotter 01.09.2006 11:52

die sind ja sowas von krääänk ich liebe die band!!