HORSE THE BAND planen \"Pizza\" EP


HORSE THE BAND wollen eine 5 Song EP namens "Pizza" veröffentlichen.

Hier das Statement:

"We're gonna release a CDEP and vinyl. The super limited vinyl edition will come on a 10" pizza-shaped picture disc (the picture is going to be pizza) and will come in a personal pizza take out box. Also the record will be edible. Haha. No, just fooling guys!!! We won't be taking pre-orders for these, we are going to organize a fighting tournament to see who gets them so all you pussy ass record traders on won't have a chance at these. Also they are going to be EXPENSIVE as fuck so you won't want to buy two, and we will make the money off of them, not you. They will also be the first release on our label, Kangarooster Records."