HORSE THE BAND reden über neues Album


HORSE THE BAND werden ihr anstehendes Release "A Natural Death" nun doch erst im August veröffentlichen und zwar am 28.08.2007.

Gitarrist David Isen äußert sich folgendermaßen zum Album:

"We posted a series of ads and pictures featuring dead wolves who were killed in an 'un-natural' way (i.e. by humans and technology). This is meant to explore the irony of 'a natural death' and make people ask themselves, 'What is natural?' Nature being murdered by man is paralleled by man being murdered by nature, which is a theme of our album."

Hier die Tracklist:

1. Hyperborea
2. Murder
3. The Startling Secret of Super Sapphire
4. The Beach
5. Face of Bear
6. Crickets
7. New York City
8. Sex Raptor
9. Broken Trail
10. The Red Tornado
11. Treasure Train
12. His Purple Majesty
13. Kangarooster Meadows
14. Rotting Horse
15. I Think We Are Both Suffering From the Same Crushing Metaphysical Crisis
16. Lif