HOUSTON CALLS haben ein Update zu ihrem neuen Album veröffentlicht:

"Jarrett here! Well we have been out of the studio for a bit over 3 weeks and I think it's time for an update. We are on the final stages of the mixing and then it's off to mastering. We are moving along with artwork and trying to get everything done and ready so this record can finally come out....I think our friend Nick Jones said it best when he told us Tupac has released more material in the past 3 years then we have...I think it will all be worth the wait that is for sure....

The Ridin Dirty tour with A Change of Pace is also approaching. We are trying to put together the best set possible for our fans between old and new and maybe even something that isn't ours haha. This tour starts June 27th in Chicago followed by my exciting birthday show on the 28th at a venue that does not support cursing or alcohol.....Feel free to come out and celebrate after the show i guess haha.

I think we may have a fun video update coming soon so keep up with that. Perhaps once songs are fully complete we will be posting a new song from the record. I'm guessing August for a release right now but we will have to see. As soon as we know you will know...Also more touring news on it's way!

Jarrett & HC"