HOUSTON CALLS schmeißen Mitglied raus


Hier der Blogeintrag der Band:

" as if it couldn’t get any worse

Our good "friend" Jose has decided to shack up with my (Tom) ex-girlfriend immediately after she broke my heart and left me. The two hid it from me for weeks over christmas and only until yesterday when I had to find out was I informed. Great guy! Stand up guy! Well to put it bluntly he's out of the band for good and hopefully lives a terrible life forever. I don't know what's going to happen yet but I'll be sure to keep everyone informed. "

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von Norma Jens 05.01.2009 16:04

Alter Schwede, ist zwar echt kein feiner Zug vom Jose, aber ein bißchen emo ist das schon vom Tom... immer diese Yoko Onos!

von mo 05.01.2009 16:58

haha..das is ma geil...