IEPER Fest Update



Folgendes Update wurde zum IEPER FEST veröffentlicht:

It’s been waaay too long ago since we gave you an update about Europe’s largest DIY underground music festival... That’s because we’ve been busy with lots of stuff: finding a new location for the festival, completing the line-up, fixing pre-sales and tons more! Since all of this is now fixed, we can finally give you guys almost all of the details you need for 3 days of pure hardcore fun!

First of all, we are very proud to announce we found a brand new location for our most beloved festival! Ieperfest 2008 will take place on a nice piece of grass land at the crossroads of the Poperingseweg and the Hazewindstraat. From the centre of Ieper, it’s just a mere 30 minutes walk to the festival ground. We would like to thank the farmer providing us this piece of land, and the friendly politicians getting us in contact with the land owners! Camping and parking will both be located at the same place, nice and handy! More information and details about the camping, such as prices and camping rules, will be communicated in the very near future!

Meanwhile, pre-sales for the festival have been going on for a few days now! More information about prices and pre-sale points can be found on www. ieperfest. com. Just click “Tickets” for a full survey on everything you need to know! Online ordering will be possible from Sat 2 August 2008 on. We sincerely apologize for this huge delay. Constant troubles with the Genet online store are the sole reason for this.

We regret to announce the following bands had to cancel their Ieperfest appearance due to various reasons beyond our control: BALZAC, HOUR OF THE WOLF, RED TAPE PARADE, ROTTEN SOUND, SHOOK ONES, SINKING SHIPS, SOUL CONTROL and WARBRINGER. As you all can see, PARKWAY DRIVE is not in this list, as there has never been any doubt as to whether these Australian metalcore heroes would play the fest or not. THEY WILL!!! We know some people were looking forward to seeing some of these bands, but believe the following additions will do more than just make up for the ones who had to cancel:

ACTIVE MINDS (UK): Fast, hard and aggressive, yet catchy hardcore/punk band from Scarborough UK that has been going for over 20 years!! For fans of SEX PISTOLS, SUNPOWER and GALLOWS!
AMENRA (B): Belgium’s finest sludgecore act around is back for their fifth Ieperfest performance. Recently released their brand new studio album “Mass IIII” on Hypertension rcs. For fans of ISIS, NEUROSIS, CULT OF LUNA and even TOOL!
The BERZERKER (AUS): Heavy in-your-face death metal/grindcore act hailing from Melbourne, Australia! They describe their own sound as that of “a machine gun to your head”, and we can’ t argue with that! For fans of ABORTED, CARCASS and VADER!
FUCKED UP (CAN): Intense hardcore act from Toronto, Ontario (Canada), bringing us melodic anthems of British Oi and the directness of early ’80 American hardcore! Hard to be compared to any other band.
HEARTBREAK KID (GER): Groovy, catchy German hardcore act, based in Munich. Released their very first full-length “Life Thrills” earlier this year. Recommended to fans of COMEBACK KID, HAVE HEART and the likes!
HELLO BASTARDS (UK/Int): Vegan/straight-edge punky thrashcore band based in London, UK, although most members of this band are South-Americans! For fans of RIPCORD and DISCARGA!
H2O (USA): Hailing from Los Angeles, California this legendary melodic hardcore band waited 7 long years to release a new album and will hit the Ieperfest stage for the very first time.
John Joseph (spoken word) (USA): After the release of his book “The Evolution of a Cro-Magnon” earlier this year, John Joseph (CRO-MAGS, BLOODCLOT) came over to Europe to do a few spoken word sessions about his book and other topics. Sadly, he didn’t find time to come to Belgium then, but now he’s making up for this by performing a spoken word session on Ieperfest!
MAINTAIN (USA): It’s becoming rather old, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less true: Boston, Massachusetts brings forth some pretty damn good hardcore bands! MAINTAIN is yet another band to come out of Boston that is bound to take Europe by storm! For fans of HAVE HEART, MELTDOWN and the likes!
RHYTHM TO THE MADNESS (B): Risen from the ashes of the legendary JUSTICE, RTTM is well on their way to become just as good and big! Now also featuring Cete RISE AND FALL on guitar! Touring with BLACKLISTED September 2008.
SKARHEAD (USA): Legendary groovy Queens, New York hardcore act lead by the even more legendary Lord Ezec, who is also performing as DANNY DIABLO on Ieperfest this year! Come and sing along to all the classic SKARHEAD hits!
SPARKLE OF HOPE (B): Hageland’s hardest, combining melodic guitars with an eye for detail, up-tempo drum rhythms and rough sing-along vocals. Recently released their second CD on Funtime rcs. For fans of AS I LAY DYING and DARKEST HOUR.
TRENCHFOOT (B): A little piece of Belgian thrash metal to be proud of! This local Ypres act has recently released their debut album and we is highly recommend to fans of bands like MUNICIPAL WASTE, early METALLICA, etc. Ex-CONGRESS, FAMILY OF DOG and KINGPIN.
TRIGGER THE BLOODSHED (UK): Newest British sensation in death metal, bringing us fast, hard and dark music for fans of ABORTED, DESPISED ICON and DYING FETUS! On tour with SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY.
VICIOUS CIRCLE (AUS): Rough and grim hardcore/metal act from Melbourne, Australia that has been going for over 20 years! Just released their fourth album. Will appeal to fans of THROWDOWN, LENGTH OF TIME, etc.
A WILHELM SCREAM (USA): New Bedford, Massachusetts hardcore/punkrock 5-piece, creating a unique vibe and groove in their music that makes them stand out from thousands of other bands within the same genre! For fans of RISE AGAINST, STRIKE ANYWHERE and the likes!
ZANN (GER): German Leipzig/Jena/Berlin quintet playing hardcore/screamo with heart and soul! Touring the USA with GRAF ORLOCK this September, but before heading over there, they are coming to pay Ieperfest a visit!

Some of you might have noticed we have booked a considerably larger amount of bands in comparison to all previous editions. This can be explained by the fact that, for the first time in the history of Ieperfest, we will have two stages this year! Next to the usual outdoor stage, some bands will be playing on a cosy indoor stage, setting a totally different mood. A nice survey of which bands play which stage on which particular day will be announced in the next update.

The people in charge of our side-program “Hardcore: More Than Just Music” are putting together a diverse and interesting combination of activities related to hardcore and the ideals we stand for! These activities will go on in a small and cosy tent located within the festival perimeters, which is different from previous editions, when the side-program was located outside the festival ground. More info on this to be announced shortly!

As always, there will also be a pre-fest show on Thursday August 21st! The location for this show is the Marquee stage or second stage of the main festival! All bands on the pre-fest bill are promising H8000 acts, and we’re very proud of that! The pre-fest line-up is as follows:

OMERTA (www. myspace. com/omertametal)
LINK (www. myspace. com/linkrocks)
THE BRAVE DO NOT FEAR THE GRAVE (Demo release show – www. myspace. com/thebravedo)
CROSSED THE LINE (www. myspace. com/ctlcrew)
SAVIOUR (www. myspace. com/saviourhc)

So, that’s about it for now. We hope we have answered most of the questions about the fest some of you had recently. See you all on Ieperfest 2008 – 22,23 and 24 August 2008!!!