IGNITE - Liveersatz für Zoli


DA der eigentliche Frontmann der Orange Country Hardcoreler durch einen Bandscheibenvorfall eingeschränkt ist, kommt mit Jon Bunch von SENSEFILED Ersatz für die laufende Europatour daher.

Zoli erklärt:

"Hey everyone, I just wanted to take a minute to thank all the people who have emailed me, called me and came to see me since I ended up in the hospital in Germany having emergency back surgery a couple weeks ago on the PW tour. I really want to thank all those people who have reached out with well wishes and kind regards. I also wanted to give all of you an update on how my recovery is going.

I flew home last weekend to rehab and was told by my doctor that I should stay home to rest my back for a full recovery. I need to take my doctors advice seriously and recover completely so I can be healthy to go out to tour in the near future. I called my good friend Jon Bunch, the amazing singer from the band SENSEFIELD, and asked him if he could fill in on some shows for me during this European Ignite tour. Jon spent the last 5 days doing 10 hour rehearsals with my guys in Ignite and he is doing me a huge favor by stepping in and helping me out. I can’t thank Jon enough.

Thanks again to all the people who have reached out to me, your support has been incredible. See you all very soon and thank you so much for everything.

- Zoli"

Alte Kommentare

von WOOP WOOP 22.07.2012 09:20

Hat man davon wenn man den ganzen Groupies aufem Full Force gerecht werden will...*hächl*hächl*...Geht halt aufen Rücken ;-) Aber er meinte es komme von Pelikane retten oder so ^^

von hank 22.07.2012 17:17

Das passt ja wie der Wendler zu Rammstein!

von @WOOP WOOP 22.07.2012 17:38

Idiot! Wenn man keine Ahnung hat, einfach mal Fresse halten.

von anonymous 23.07.2012 11:47

es war gestern in oberhausen dennoch grauenhaft... :-//

von dee 24.07.2012 09:17

christ, christlicher, jon bunch... passt ja zu ignite, wie die faust aufs auge. ;)

von wario 24.07.2012 11:36

Vor 10 jahren fand ich den mal gut. Ignite damals auch...