IGNITE im Studio


Die Jungs aus Orange County haben auf ihre Homepage ein paar Infos zum Aufnahmeprozess veröffentlicht:

"Today was the first day in the recording studio with producer Cameron Webb. First off, it is great to be recording here in Orange County instead of making the hour long drive every day up to North Hollywood like we did for "A Place Called Home". Today was awesome as we worked on four of the new songs for the next Ignite cd. Feels good to have a great producer who cares a lot about the material and the band. Cameron is intense and relentless and is going to get the best performance out of us like he did today from Craig on the drums. Today was a good 12 hour session. Tomorrow, back at it again for another long day. These are the good times.

This is the start of the third week in the studio. Things are going really good and we are getting more and more excited about this new material the deeper we get in the recording process. Drums and bass are done and as of last night about half of the rhythm guitar tracks are recorded. Zoli is going into the studio tonight to start the vocals on a couple of songs. Guitars will continue on later in the week. We are going to go back and forth with Zoli singing and the guitar tracking so Zoli can get a good head start on the 18 songs. We are beginning to set up the touring schedule for next year?.lots of touring coming up in 2006!!!"