IMPIOUS Studio Update


IMPIOUS sind im Studio und nehmen ihr bis jetzt noch namenloses neues Album auf, das im weiteren Verlauf des Jahres auf Metal Blade erscheinen wird. Hier ein Update der Band:

”We've finally started to record our new album! Things are going really good right now.

Usually we get all kinds of problems when we record. Anything from broken soundboards to ghost attacks are regular to us. But this time everything's been great so far. But you never know..

We've been working on our new songs for a pretty long time and now we are very happy with how they all sound. We can't wait for this album to be done.

The drum tracks are all done and we've started working on the guitars. We are working on 12 songs, but every song might not end up on the album. We might save a song or two for b-sides or for other releases.

We will add some pictures from the recording as it progresses and we'll try to update you guys as often as we can.