Instil sind zurück und nehmen neue Songs auf. Hier ein Update von der Band:

"We just returned from a mad time in the Soundlodge Studios in Germany. Jörg Uken who also produced the upcoming albums of God Dethroned (metalblade) and Dew Scented (nuclear blast).

Six songs are recorded for promotional use. Hopefully we come back soon with some new announchements. The last few months we took the time to create the best sound what could fit our music and we liked..

We combined some various traditional death thrash with a modern sound. The lucky people who already got the change to give their opinion describe it as pure Instil.. like a combination of north european thrash metal (God Dethroned, Hatesphere) with shredding parts (Aborted, The Black Dahlia Murder) powerfull breaks and an aggressive sound (Sworn Enemy, All Out War).. 100% Instil

We can agree with that. We´re extremely proud with the end result, which is exactly what we had in mind."