IN FLAMES Bassist meldet sich von der SOUNDS OF THE UNDERGROUND Tour



IN FLAMES Bassist Peter Iwers hat sich von der Sounds Of The Underground Tour gemeldet. Hier sein Statement:

"Almost two weeks into the [Sounds of the Underground] tour and things are awesome. We're having a great time with some of the other bands, playing poker, drinking beer and having good old-fashioned fun. The shows are amazing, and I'd like to thank everybody for coming out to support us. We did a one-off show with CANNIBAL CORPSE the other day and that was great. It was an old church and we played, I guess, where the altar used to be... weird... but good fun.

Anyways ...what else have we been doing? That's right. Yesterday, me, Jesper [Strömblad, guitar] and some of our crew went down to the river in Myrtle Beach for some jet skiing (is that how you spell it?) and that was so great. Just cruising down the river that, by the way, looked as it was inhabited by millions of alligators... but I never saw one, luckily — would probably have gotten freaked out if that happened. We had a little accident with the jet skis, but nothing major. Victor and I had sort of a collision when we were trying to splash one of the other crew guys and my knee got busted, but things like that happen, I guess..."