IN SOLITUDE - Bestandteil des Metal Blade Roster


Metal Blade Records haben das Signing von IN SOLITUDE, die aus dem schwedischen Uppsala stammen, bekannt gegeben.

IN SOLITUDE über ihr neues Label:

"It’s been a very long, uneasy process finding the right home for IN SOLITUDE. After going over several offers from labels, Metal Blade’s genuine interest in, and understanding of our music, singled them out. This coupled with our respect for them, made this historic label the obvious choice. Over the years, Metal Blade has put out an amazing array of masterpiece records. We are very excited and honored to be able to add to this respected collection over the years to come."

Metal Blade Records sagen:

"In Solitude has a sound that is reminiscent of the classic metal of UFO while stamping their own evil imprint on it. We are extremely excited to have In Solitude on our label and look forward to working with this talented band while turning this underground innovator into a household word. Look for their new album in 2011."