ION DISSONANCE sind mit dem Aufnehmen fertig


Hier die Pressemitteilung zum neuen Album "Cursed", das im Spätsommer via Century Media Records erscheinen soll:

"Montreal extreme metal purists, Ion Dissonance, recently completed the recording process for their much anticipated new effort, "Cursed," which is set for an early-summer release via Century Media Records. The offering was tracked at .357 Productions with Ion guitar player, Antoine Lussier (who also produced Emmure's latest) at the production helm. Fans can expect a more refined and streamlined approach that just goes straight for the jugular with a frenetic assault of the band's trademarked mathematic brutality. Stay tuned to for current updates and touring schedule.

Kevin (vocals) further states: "We are now completely finished with the tracking process for our new album, 'Cursed.' We only have a few more days of mixing left and we will be hitting up Wild Studios in the coming weeks to master our efforts and finally put an end to this horribly long and arduous recording process. We have been hacking away at this thing for the past three months and are down to our last few days. To see the light at the end of the tunnel and to hear what we have put together is motivating as Hell for us. We all had high hopes for this record and feel that we have undoubtedly delivered the goods."

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wie, spätsommer ? ansonsten, siehe alex