ISAAC - neuer Song im Stream


ISAAC aus Nottingham, UK streamen mit "Sweetheart" den ersten Song ihres neuen Albums "Burner", welches am 9. Maerz via Golden Triangle Records/Don’t Ask Records.
Unten gibt es den Song zu hoeren.

Trackliste "Burner":

1). The Burden of your bones
2). Locks without Keys
3). Sweetheart
4). Weeder
5). Turtleshell Sunglasses
6). Coast to Coast
7). April 29th
8). Slab Square
9). Chirpse
10). Ghosts
11). Shudder

The release of the digital version of the album comes just before their appearance at the Isaac curated “Clear Your Throat Fest 2” in Nottingham on 15 March 2015 (featuring Bear Trade, WoahNows, Caves and many more – tickets available here).
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