JEREMY & THE HARLEQUINS - Video zu "Into The Night"


JEREMY & THE HARLEQUINS spielen eine quicklebendige Mixtur aus Indiepop und klassischem Rock'N'Roll. Zum Titelsong des neuen Albums "Into The Night", welches am 5. August via Yep Roc / H'art erscheint, hat die Band zudem einen Videoclip veroeffentlicht. 

Sänger Jeremy Fury beschreibt den eigenen Sound:
“In both the pop music world and the indie music world everything’s very electronic and very produced-sounding. In the indie world, everything seems like it’s long songs with no choruses and it doesn’t feel to me like something I’ll be singing along with in 20 years and going back to, and the pop world seems to have lost its human element. Music should make you feel something, and I don’t get that from much music nowadays, so we wanted to strip things down again and get back to the essence of rock’n’roll and pop music.”