JOB FOR A COWBOY erneut on the Road


JOB FOR A COWBOY kommen schon im Juni zurück auf Tour um ihr aktuelles Album �Genesis� zu supporten.

Zum neuen Album sagt JOB FOR A COWBOY Gitarrist Ravi Bhadriraju folgendes:
"Genesis is a record that we as a band needed to fulfill. We wrote an album that we wanted to play live well into the distant future. If there is one word to describe our new record, it is "aggressive". We want this album to have a certain effect on the listener. I am happy with what we have achieved, and I hope our fans appreciate it too."

Sänger Jonny Davy:
"We wrote the material that became the "Doom" EP at a very young age and the sound of this upcoming record is a much different one than anything we've done before. We're anxious for its release and we hope everyone who hears it will enjoy."

Hier die Tracklist:
1.) Bearing The Serpent's Lamb
2.) Reduced to Mere Filth
3.) Altered From Catechization
4.) Upheaval
5.) Embedded
6.) Strings of Hypocrisy
7.) Martyrdom Unsealed
8.) Blasphemy
9.) The Divine Falsehood
10.) Coalescing Prophecy


11.06.2007 France Paris @ Batofar (w/ Neaera )
12.06.2007 Germany Münster @ Sputnikhalle
13.06.2007 Germany Giessen @ MUK (w/ War From A Harlots Mouth)
14.06.2007 Germany München @ Feierwerk (w/ War From A Harlots Mouth)
15.06.2007 Germany Wiesbaden @ Schlachthof (w/ Converge, Animosity, Rise And Fall)
16.06.2007 Germany Trier @ Exhaus, �Summer Blast Fest�
17.06.2007 Germany Chemnitz @ AJZ
19.06.2007 Germany Berlin @ SO36
21.06.2007 Holland Utrecht @ De Helling
22.06.2007 Germany Herne @ Gysenberg Halle, �Pressure Fest�

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