JOEY CAPE - neues Soloalbum im September


Mit "Stitch Puppy" erscheint am 4. September das neue Soloalbum von JOEY CAPE (LAGWAGON, BAD ASTRONAUT) via Fat Wreck Chords. Erste Höreindrücke zu der offenbar sehr düsteren Platte sollen in Kürze folgen. Cape selbst aeussert sich wie folgt zum Release:

"I’m excited to be announcing the release of my new solo albumStitch Puppy. It’s been almost 5 years since the last solo full length was released so it feels long overdue. Stitch Puppy was inspired by a doll my daughter made me a few years back. It’s a sort of Victorian mourning doll. Stitch is my most prized possession. Put it this way, if my house were to burn down, after my family and the animals, Stitch would be top priority. My idea to wear his costume stems from years of thinking of him as some representation of purity, loss and the strength that follows. Stitch Puppy seems to be alone, which is the way it feels to mourn the loss someone you love or to be abandoned, stood up. We are all disappointed by life’s disloyalties and losses but somehow the wiser for them. We transform from victim to guide. We are witness to these things and the beauty in between. That’s it. That’s how I see Stitch Puppy. Not defeated. Simply the wise witness I aim to be."