KATATONIA - Statement zum neuen Album


KATATONIA haben auf ihrer Homepage ein ausführliches Statement zum neuen Album ("We can hear many question…:“Why is there no new Katatonia album out by now???”) gepostet. Im Einzelnen:

"And you might rightfully think so, our 8th album (and the last in the contract with Peaceville) should have been done and put out “ages ago” if things would’ve gone according to plan… It’s crazy how fast time goes by these days and that doesn’t help us much when inspiration runs dry. We’ve been meaning to enter the studio on many occassions already since two years back and I think we ended up cancelling booked sessions twice. Although it worked successfully every time in the past, it just got us stressed out and pushed us into a phase of writer’s block. From this we learned we better not book anything in advance as it stands, but focus on completing 100% of the material, be perfectly happy with what we got and first then hit the studio.

It seems we might pull things together for maximum devotion this time as all current and previous distractions are now gone. The Summer festivals are over and the level of live gigs for the next months are put to a minimum and Bloodbath - our Death Metal sideproject’s new album is done too (to be released on Otober 6th, check it out or all our hard work was for nothing hah!).

So what about the music? Bits and pieces have been collected ever since The Great Cold Distance came out. It’s just that we’ve been trying too hard, been thinking too much about the sound and direction. How can we top this and how can we change that. We’ve been stumbling around offroad looking for the answers and it ended up being a long walk. We don’t find it meaningful to trace your own footsteps back from where you came, but we rather find the first nearest exit to the same road up ahead where we’re at to get back on the map again.

I wont give away any hints just yet about how it will sound, but we hope to give you more light on the progress of this untitled embryo as we get closer. What’s certain is that we’ve found a good equation to work with now and that my friends is that it’s all about the 8th studio album and the autumn. Here comes the Katatonia season…"