KINGDOM OF SORROW - Wieder bei Relapse


KINGDOM OF SORROW sind wieder bei Relapse unter Vertrag. Jasta (HATEBREED) und Windstein (DOWN, CROWBAR) haben die Aufnahmen am Album bereits abgeschlossen. Derzeit mischt Zeuss das Album im Planet Z Recordings Studio ab. Es wird ein Release im Frühling angepeilt.

Windstein zum Resigning: "Jamey and I are really excited to be working with Relapse on another Kingdom Of Sorrow album. They were a big part of the success of our first album and have been a great company to work with. Our new material kicks ass, we can't wait to unleash it! It's a real beast!"

Jasta: "It was a no brainer to re-sign with Relapse for another Kingdom Of Sorrow album. They are a great company who really gets it and we're extremely excited to have them 110% behind us."

Alte Kommentare

von Bumsgeburt 19.01.2010 18:03

das debut war doch schon selbst betitelt o0

von Torben 19.01.2010 18:37

ups. glaub das war falsch...