LANDSCAPES - neue Platte im Stream


"Modern Earth" heisst der LANDSCAPES-Nachfolger zum 2013er Release "Life Gone Wrong". Die Platte erscheint am 8. April 2016 via Pure Noise Records und kann vorab bereits komplett im Stream gehoert werden. Das Album entstand in den Panda Studios in Fremont, CA zusammen mit Sam Pura (Basement, The Story So Far) und wurde von Neil Kennedy in den Ranch Production House in Southampton gemischt.

Frontmann Shaun Milton:

"If 'Life Gone Wrong''s concept was about being in that moment as it all falls around you, 'Modern Earth' is a continuation of that story, an expansion explaining the disease of the mind, sculpting, adjusting and accepting those circumstances as it suffocates you powerless. Recording in California was a very different experience as to what we were used to but we learned a lot from our time out there and with our musical influence broadened, we can't wait to convey that in front of an audience soon!"