LEFTÖVER CRÄCK - neuer Song im Stream


“System Fucked” haben LEFTÖVER CRÄCK aus New York zusammen mit Jesse Michaels von Operation Ivy aufgenommen. Der Song wird auf dem kommenden Album der Band enthalten sein welches "Constructs Of The State" heisst und am 27. November via Fat Wreck erscheint .

Die Band zur Zusammenarbeit mit der Skapunklegende Jesse Michaels:

“Jesse’s a busy guy. He’s been in the process of writing several books, including my favorite novel of 2014, The Whispering Bodies: A Roy Belkin Disaster. So, it took several years of planning & practice to lock him down for an hour in a studio in Southern California, which was actually perfect, because I was working on Constructs of the State for several years as well & I was forced to finish the lyrics to ‘System Fucked’ in time to record it with him. And in doing so, I found in Jesse what had connected me to Operation Ivy in the first place: a warm hearted person with his head on his shoulders, a social conscience & a wit to be reckoned with.”