LEFT ALONE - Im Studio


Nach der erfolgreichen Tour mit den HORRORPOPS, nehmen LEFT ALONE derzeit ihren zweiten Longplayer "Dead American Radio" auf, der im Juni erscheinen soll. Hier ein paar Worte von Elvis Cortez:

"Well we have begun recording our new record last week. Going into it we had about 20 songs ready but a few days before going into the studio I started writing and writing and now we have 28 songs. The first day was great. Drummer Ramrod went in and knocked out all 28 songs on the first day. He's is a mad man once the mic's are set the levels are right and the tape starts rolling. Most songs were recorded on the first or second take. Day 2 was spent reviewing the drum tracks and fixing little things here and their. Next was to record guitars. Man I've never recorded with so many guitars and amps. Before it was more like plug in and turn it up to 10 and lets go but now I'm working on getting the right tones and vibe.

I've been recording now for a couple of days and I must say it sounds great. This record is different in so many ways yet it still stays true to our sound and style. It has songs in English and some in Spanish, some ska, some punk a few country tunes and just the vibe of the record is starting to come together and boy are we excited. We are going to have a few special guest's on the record and we can't wait till the day it comes out..looks like summer is going to be good."