LENG TCH\'E - Drummer verlässt Band


LENG TCH'E Drummer Sven de Caluwe hat die Band verlassen. Hier sein Statement:

"After devoting six years in doing everything for LENG TCH'E, things in the past year have become less and less enjoyable for me to be in the band for several reasons. For me music is still about having fun with what you are doing and this wasn't the case for a while now in LENG TCH'E so I have finally decided to quit the band and focus on other things. This has been a hard decision since I did everything for over six years for this band to make it become what it is today but it's time to move on. Following this decision Peter has decided to leave the camp as well since it won't be possible for him to combine it with the ABORTED schedule. I will, however, not be quitting playing drums, and will be working on a new project in the near future. That is all."