LESS THAN JAKE - neues Album im November


In den letzten fünf Jahren gab es von LESS THAN JAKE kein neues Release zu vermelden. Nach diversen Reissues und kontinuierlichen Touren um die Welt veröffentlichen die Skapunker aus Gainesville, Florida am 12. November mit "See The Light" ihr neues Album via Fat Wreck Chords.
Unten gibt es bereits Cover und Trackliste zu sehen.

Posaunist Buddy Schaub zum Release:

"Our bass player Roger has been recording our demos since the beginning of the band and steadily has worked his way up, learning about studios from everyone we've worked with in the past. He even co-produced our last full length record GNV/FLA, but this time it was finally just the five of us in his studio, The Moathouse, and I think it is one of the closest representations of our band to date."

"See the Light" Trackliste:

1. Good Enough
2. My Money Is On the Long Shot
3. Jump
4. The Loudest Songs
5. Do the Math
6. Bless the Cracks
7. John the Baptist Bones
8. American Idle
9. The Troubles
10. Give Me Something To Believe In, Inc.
11. Sunstroke
12. A Short History Lesson
13. Weekends All Year Long