LIFERUINER - 2 Mitglieder raus


Mal wieder ein paar news zum LIFERUINER Status. Sänger und Gitarrist haben die Band verlassen. Hier das Statement der Band:

"Let me start off by thanking everyone who has come out to any of the shows on this tour and given us their support, picked up a t-shirt, let us sleep on their floor or bought us some food. The first half of the tour was titled 'High Fives And Stage Dives' with Suffokate and The World We Knew, both great bands and amazing guys. The shows were awesome, and we had a lot of fun, big thanks to both of those bands for the support and being so awesome towards us.

Now for the bad news... while we were in California we lost our vocalist and guitar player. Aj and Marc had to go home because of some personal reasons. No they did not rape a little girl, no they did not break edge or wreck a venue or any of the other rumors you have heard about previous line-ups or versions of Liferuiner. I'm sad to say but Aj and Marc will no longer be part of this band. There was no falling out between members or anything like that so before you jump to conclusions please take all of that into consideration. Now with that being said the band was faced with an important decision, to either go home or continue the “Shits Goin Down Tour” with TWWK. As a band we decided it would be best to continue the tour. We scrambled around for a new vocalist for a few days before we asked our good friend and at the time merch guy Kyle to fill in until we got back to New York or found a permanent vocalist and guitar player.

So, to some of those who are reading this you may be worried about what to expect from the rest of the tour as well as the future plans for Liferuiner. Kyle is doing a great job filling in, and although he is not Aj, Aaron or even Johnny he is doing his best to bring you what you expect every night. Please be patient and stick with us we have been busy writing new music and have plans to get in the studio once were home. Hopefully well have our new EP tentatively titled 'The Most Hated' out to you by Halloween of this year. Some of you may have seen or heard the new songs already, others who haven't but would like to we have a few live versions recorded floating around that at some point will make their way onto youtube.

I'm sure if you have read this far you are probably interested in, or at least thinking that you have what it take to be the next xLRx vocalist or guitar player. If you're interested, you can send an email to"