LIFERUINER - Details zur Tourabsage


Liferuiner haben sich in ihrem Blog folgendermaßen zum aktuellen Stand der Dinge geäußert:

We were turned away by the UK for not having work permits. There was TON of miscommunication between the band, management, and booking agent. We didnt want to cancel the tour without ATLEAST TRYING to come over. UPRISING bought us our tickets, flew aaron out for cali to fill in for the tour and we still didnt have our work permits on time. A LOT of money was pretty much wasted to fly us over there, then have to turn around and fly right back. We apoligize to anyone/everyone who either booked us or was planning on coming to see us. We understand any frustration this causes any of you. We have another uk/euro tour planned for june into july and WE PROMISE you that we be there for that tour!

We are seriously trying our best to turn this band around from all of the bullshit the name has been put through over the last few years. This however seems fitting to most that we cancel that tour. cause "it wouldnt be liferuiner if they didnt cancel", HOWEVER that is not the kind of band we are trying to be. Canceling shows/tours only costs us money. None of us are in the position to throw away $10 let along thousands!

Our full US tour with SUFFOKATE aaaand THE WORLD WE KNEW is just about done being booked! Some of our new merch designs have been posted in our pictures. They WILL NOT be available for online purchase until AFTER the tour! We will also be taking new promo pics so ya'll that care to know what the new line up looks like. AND a new demo from our EP titles "THE MOST HATED" will be put up within the next 2 or 3 weeks.

ALSO do to the uk/euro tour being cancelled we added a few north east weekend dates. You should check them out.

THAT all the updates i have for everyone right now...


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von arek 07.02.2009 16:08

tour booken und keine arbeitserlaubnis für uk einholen - deppen! genau die gleiche kacke, die pulling teeth mit ihrem booking mitgemacht haben. -.-*

von dude. 07.02.2009 18:25