LIFETIME reden über Zukunftspläne


LIFETIME Bassist Dave Palaitis ließ folgendes über die Zukunftspläne der Band und die Konzertpolitik verlauten:

"Right now we're booking a 10 day tour for July and that is exactly what we're up against. How do we ensure that all the people who want to see Lifetime can do so, but also play intimate venues where we can have really good, strong shows?

The huge shows are a completely new experience for us. We got an offer to play the Nokia Times Square Theater, which to me is not an intimate setting or an atmosphere that is related to punk and hardcore. So do we accept that offer? In this case we said no and looked to alternate venues in New York that might work for that date, like the Warsaw in Brooklyn. But it's a case by case situation"

Weiterhin äußerte er:

"What I hope we get out of this (record deal) is that Fueled By Ramen/Decaydance becomes a place we can stay and actually grow as a band. I'd love to put out another record after this one we're currently working on and see what happens."