LIGEIA sind zurück!


Am 15. Juni veröffentlichten LIGEIA folgendes Presserundschreiben:

"Offical Ligeia press release! Please check it out WE ARE BACK!

After hundreds of shows, thousands of albums sold and one short hiatus, metalcore masters Ligeia are back to reclaim their status as one of heavy music’s hardest working bands.

Originally formed in 2003 by Keith Holuk and Ryan Ober, Ligeia released two albums on Ferret Music, 2006’s “Your Ghost is a Gift”, and “Bad News” in 2008. Recently the band has been breathing life into new songs and the writing process has been nothing short of epic. “Ryan and I have been writing for the last 2 months and the writing process has been going better than we could have ever imagined! With the songs we've written so far, we truly believe fans of both "Your Ghost is a Gift" and "Bad News" will pleasantly impressed as well as satisfied with the work we have done”, said lead vocalist Keith Holuk.

After recently parting ways with Ferret Music, the band has been enjoying the kind of creative freedom that can only come when you are making music strictly for their self and most importantly for their fans. When speaking with the band one thing is clear, they are back stronger than ever and ready to take on the world yet again.

Ligeia will be looking for a record label or distribution partner to release their upcoming third album and will be hitting the road to play new and old music for their fans across the world. As Keith said, “Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten a single face, so to everyone thanks for everything and we will be seeing you very soon!”

For the most current information, visit the band right here at"

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von Maniac 18.06.2010 17:49

Hoffentlich ernst gemeint und nicht um das Trikgeld aufzubessern. Sehr gute Band gewesen, Konzert in der Hettnerhalle war epic!

von MUnkvayne 18.06.2010 18:44

endlich ma ne gute nachricht. beide platten hammer!

von hagen 19.06.2010 12:49

geil, welcher user hier findet die hettnerhalle gut ? :D

von veganhardcore 19.06.2010 14:19

kein jahr nach der trennung LOL

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von Maniac 20.06.2010 15:02

@ Hagen Ich ;)