LIGHT YEARS - Akustik-EP im September


Mit "Lite Years" erscheint am 9. September eine 4-Song Akustik-EP der Poppunkband aus Cleveland via Rude Records. Neben drei Songs vom aktuellen Release “I'll See You When I See You” nahm die Band mit "Atlantic City" ausserdem ein BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN-Cover auf.


Pat Kennedy, Frontmann der Band:

"We enjoyed reworking the songs we chose off of our last record. We stripped down "Let You Down" and made it more somber than the original version. "The Summer She Broke My Heart" was fun to do because we kept it upbeat and adding the acoustic vibe really makes it feel like a summer jam. On "Accidents" we experimented with different rhythms and using more electric guitars to vibe it out.

Zu “Atlantic City” meint Pat ausserdem:

"We recorded that song because we think it is one of the greatest songs ever written. If you haven't listend to the original I strongly suggest you do so! The Boss just plays this with an acoustic and a harmonica and it’s brilliant, but since we aren't that good we wanted to add a full-band sound to it."

01 - The Summer She Broke My Heart
02 - Accidents
03 - Let You Down
04 - Atlantic City