LIKE PACIFIC - neuer Song online


LIKE PACIFIC werden am 20. Januar ihre neue EP "Like Pacific" via Pure Noise veroeffentlichen. Mit "Suffering" gibt es bereits einen ersten Song der Poppunkband aus Toronto zu hoeren.

FRontmann Jordan Black zum neuen Track:

“Much like past Like Pacific songs, “Suffering” is a reflection of past experiences. It's never easy having a sick parent. As a kid you think of your parents as Super Heroes but as you get older the realization starts to kick in, This track specifically is about my Dad and his battle with diabetes. His illness has become so serious to the point where I feel there is nothing I could physically do to help. Watching him suffer is one of the worst feelings I have ever felt.”

Track Listing:

01 Sigh of Relief
02 Eviction
03 Clarity
04 105 McCaul St.Suffering
05 Suffering