MATT SKIBA - Soloalbum auf unbestimmten Termin verschoben


Gemäß Asian Man Records und Mike Park wurde das angekündigte MATT SKIBA Soloalbum auf einen unbestimmten Zeitpunkt verschoben. Park erklärt:

"The MATT SKIBA Demos release slated for FEB 16th is going to be pushed back until after the new Alkaline Trio album is released. Yeah, bummer bummer bummer, but when you're in a big band like the trio, sometimes you have to play by the rules of the big wigs in charge of whatever big wigs do. Matt told me he'd let me know as soon as possible in terms of a release date. But shoootzzz......the album is finished, mastered, and ready to be delivered as soon as we are given an exact date. Sorry if this causes any heartache to anyone, but will keep you updated as soon as we know what's going on."