MAX CAVALERA - Eine SEPULTURA Reunion wäre cool


SOULFLY Frontmann Max Cavalera hat kürzlich mit über die Möglichkeiten einer SEPULTURA Reunion gesprochen. Zu den Gerüchten, dass eine SEPULTURA wiedervereinigt beim Ozzfest spielt sagte Max folgendes:

"There's been a lot of rumors. SEPULTURA is one of the most rumored things out there. [Laughs] I talked to my brother [ex-SEPULTURA drummer Igor Cavalera] recently. He has a new son named Antonio, which is my middle name. He says he looks a lot like me. I've only seen a picture. I plan to visit him sometime next year. We're in a very good relationship, which is great, after all this bullshit. Ten years… Life is too short to hold [grudges]. So I think in a weird way, God has a way to manage these things and he's putting it all together now. With or without the reunion — I don't really care — it's important that we're brothers… blood, family… it's a great thing. But to tell you the truth, it would be cool to have a reunion. Even my kids wanna see it. My [stepson] Richie is like, 'Oh, my God, I've gotta… I know I saw SEPULTURA, but I was too little, I don't remember.' And SEPULTURA has touched so many people. So it would be really, really cool."

Das Interview findet ihr hier.