MAX CAVALERA: \"Es war keine Überraschung das IGOR SEPULTURA verlassen hat\"


Der ehemalige SEPULTURA und aktuelle SOULFLY Frontmann Max Cavalera hat nun ebenfalls den Ausstieg seines Bruders, Igor Cavalera, bei SEPULTURA kommentiert. Auf die Frage, ob er überrascht über den Abgang seines Bruder sei antwortete er:

"Not really, because it's an unhappy camp over there. Because it doesn't have the same spirit anymore. It's like trying to create something that's not there anymore. So I was not really surprised. I was surprised that SEPULTURA tried to keep up for this long, because, really, I just saw them going more down and down and down — with every album, less popular, less popular. They should've left the name alone."

Bezüglich der möglichen SEPULTURA Reunion sagte er:

"It's possible. There's nothing concrete at all. There's a lot of rumors over there. But I think when it happens, it will happen the right way, [for] the right reason, [at] the right time. When it happens, it will be great. But in the meantime, this is great — with SOULFLY, anyway. So, I'm not like one of those musicians that are like, 'I need to do a reunion because my band sucks.' Some guys have that problem — I don't."