MAYBESHEWILL - Abschiedstour!


MAYBESHEWILL treten nächste Woche ihre (vorerst) letzte Europatour an.

Nach 10 Jahren als Band begibt sich die englische Post-Rock Band noch einmal in den Van und verabschiedet sich von ihren Fans.

In Deutschland habt ihr die Chance die Band noch einmal in folgenden Städten Live zu erleben:

14. März 2016 - Köln - Gebäude 9

15. März 2016 - Hamburg - Molotow 

16. März 2016 - Berlin - Cassiopeia


»When we started this band over a decade ago it was just a bedroom project that we never really imagined playing live with. Every little thing we’ve achieved with it since then has been both a surprise and an incredible bonus. The five of us have spent the last few years getting to tour the world, seeing some incredible places and meeting some of the finest people we could possibly imagine meeting, both on and off stage.


Being given the chance to do all this has been like living some sort of crazy dream for the majority of our adult lives, but eventually you have to return to reality. So I suppose that’s what we’re doing now.We've thought about calling this a hiatus or just saying things are over, but if we’re completely honest we can’t quite bring ourselves to put our feet firmly in either camp. There are numerous personal reasons why this has to happen for some of us. For others I'm sure they’d prefer to be carrying on, but the nature of a band means that you have to find a solution which suits everyone and that’s what we’re doing here. That’s why we've decided that these will be our last shows and leaving it at that.I think it’s worth saying here that you will struggle to find five closer friends than you will in Maybeshewill. I can’t see that ever changing. It's also impossible to imagine any of us stopping making music and there will definitely be more to come from some or all of us. We don’t see another Maybeshewill record in our futures right now, but hopefully we will make music together again at some point. You can never say never.«