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MEAN JEANS aus Portland werden ihr kommendes Album "Tight New Dimension" am 22. April via Fat Wreck Chords veroeffentlichen. Vorab stellt die Band mit "Nite Vision" bereits einen Song der Platte als Auskopplung / 7" EP vor - unten gibt es ausserdem das Artwork zur Platte zu sehen.

Billy Jeans, Frontmann der Poppunkband aus Oregon, zum Release:

"We’re all flipped up about releasing Tight New Dimension to the world. We went to Mars and back recording it, chugging copious Coors and root beers in the process. We had to go to the future in a telephone booth just to take the freakin’ album cover photo. Thanks Josh Freydkis for making the trip with us! 12 new songs about partying, failure, friendship, and tributes to our heroes, like Michael Jackson and Gordon Bombay. It’s highly crankable and you can party to it, I tested it out. We hope you enjoy it. We’ll be appearing at SXSW and touring the Pacific NW in March, touring with NOFX in April, with US and Europe tours to follow. Check our dates!"